New print revenue models

Joe Mandese

It is time to think past the deckchairs again. The chairs, of course, are the metaphorical ones our industry likes to rearrange before its unsinkable ship crashes into an iceberg.

Normally, I don't like clichés, but I think the Titanic analogy is apt for what is going on right now, mainly because people in the media are focusing their energies in places that will leave them completely unprepared when they finally crash.

One of the most ironic things I've seen recently was a Time magazine cover story entitled 'How To Save Your Newspaper'. Why anyone at a dying newspaper would take counsel from a story in a dying magazine is beyond me, but the piece doesn't even offer sound advice. Written by former Time managing edit-or Walter Isaacson, it suggests the salvation of newspapers rests in their ability to charge consumers for their content. Isaacson recommends they charge tiny payments to consumers who access pieces of their content.