Getting It Right The First Time

Can we eliminate ineffective advertising before it is run?

John Philip Jones

(Foreword by Colin McDonald)


  1. Foreword
  2. The Purpose of This Report
  3. The Problem Addressed by Pre/Post Preference Testing
  4. Penetration and Purchase Frequency
  5. Short-Term Effect of Advertising
  6. Example One: Longitudinal Tracking of a Food Category
  7. Example Two: Longitudinal Tracking of an Over-The-Counter Medicine Category
  8. Example Three: 37 Split-Cable Spend Tests
  9. Example Four: 28 New-Brand Awareness, Trial and Usage Cases
  10. Example Five: 53 Miscellaneous Cases
  11. Example Six: Seven Split-Cable Copy Tests
  12. Example Seven: Three Prize-Winning Cases
  13. Criticisms of Pre/Post Preference Testing
  14. The Special Situation of Large Brands
  15. The Role of Diagnostics
  16. References