Samsung LED 3D TV: 3D Projection Mapping

Agency: Starcom Netherlands
Client: Samsung
Product: 3D LED TVs


When 3D televisions arrived in early 2010, they represented an entirely new content category to deliver to consumers. Manufacturers saw 3D TVs as the next big leap in the product's evolution and to them it was as big of a leap from going from analog to digital. The problem was that no one had yet provided consumers justification for making this leap.

Consumers could plainly see the difference between analog and digital experiences, but people think they see 3D everyday in the form of real life. It isn't something that they've ever needed a special TV for, so why should they run out and buy one now?

Samsung, as the first manufacturer on the market with 3D LED TVs, found this challenge waiting for them when its TVs arrived on shelves. Being the first to market offers a tremendous advantage, but one that needs to be capitalized on in a short period of time: build a strong market positioning before competitors can release their products. Our challenge was to not only do that, but provide consumers a reason for making the switch in the first place.