Random House Mondadori: The Signal

CP Proximity


Category: Publishing/Entertainment
Country where program ran: Spain
Date program started/ended: September 2008 - March 2009

Product Description: La Señal is a 'geeky' novel based on a real life occurrence: the Global Conscience Project. A worldwide computer network that records alterations right before catastrophic events. This has happened before 9-11 or the Asian Tsunami. In the novel a computer virus that aims to destroy the world is detected.

Advertiser/Client Name: Random House Mondadori S.A.
Media Channels: Direct Mail
Web Development
Website: http://www.thisismywork.com/echo/thesignal


Marketplace Challenge:

La Señal is a novel with a scientific and interactive plot for a mostly geeky target audience. The most traditional strategies for novel launches are based on point of sale pressure. But, is the point of sale the most appropriate spot to launch a novel aimed at an audience that doesn't read? No, simply because this type of audience is not to be found in bookstores. If we wanted to sell we had to go find them where they were, and this audience is to be found mostly online. We decided to launch the novel through the Internet and prove that it can be a valid channel to generate sales for a novel. For this purpose it was necessary to tie the plot, very much in tune with the medium, with a launch campaign with the capacity to go viral among the geek audience, and what was most challenging: TO GET PEOPLE TO MOVE FROM THE INTERNET TO THE POINT OF SALE. And all of it with a very small budget, of course, without the possibility of investing in media and with only our capacity to direct the attention of the large amount of Internet geeks towards the novel's plot. An interesting plot with the real-life basis of the Global Conscience Project as the hook, but very hard to summarize in a simple way.