Kraft Foods: Canada Samplicious

Aspen Marketing Services

Entry Information

Category: Product Manufacturing and Distribution
Country where program ran: Canada
Dates program started/ended: October 2011 – February 2012

Product Description:

First Taste "Samplicious" is a program designed to connect Kraft's most valued consumers with the Kraft brands they love by delivering full-sized product samples, high value coupons and what's cooking magazine directly to their doorstep.

Advertiser/Client Name: Kraft Foods
Media Channels: Other


Marketplace challenge:

Across a highly competitive and diverse Canadian marketplace where consumers are forging relationships with major retailers and seeking short-term promotional deals, Kraft wanted a way to connect 1:1 with their most valuable consumers who could best drive volume and share – specifically key influencer consumers who were most likely to build long-term valuable relationships directly with Kraft.