Reaching the moms of tomorrow: How Kimberly-Clark targets Generation Z

Stephen Whiteside

Generation Z contains approximately 23% of the US population. Put another way, it includes the 70.7 million people in America who are aged between one day and 18 years old. Its youngest representatives are in diapers, while its most senior outriders are preparing to attend college. For all their differences, however, a telling characteristic unites every single member of this group.

"This is a consumer that was born after the internet was created," Kelly Stephenson, senior brand manager for Huggies at Kimberly-Clark, told delegates at the Shopper Marketing Expo 2013. "Many claim that they were born with digital DNA."

Currently, the bulk of this audience possesses limited spending power, as they are not financially independent. Roughly 20% of girls under the age of 12 years old, though, are already visiting ecommerce sites, and 50% of teens are actively acquiring goods online.