Van Gils – Project Gander


Van Gils was a strong formal menswear brand in the 1980s. In it's prime, it rivalled Hugo Boss, but it has since fallen into decline and is now largely unknown.

A Dutch advertising agency, Selmore, created a core theme for Van Gils; it's all about the suit: this suit takes you places. From this theme, Selmore developed a creative idea where a mannequin, the 'Gander', 'gets a life' because he is wearing the right suit (the mannequin is, in fact, a mask-wearing actor).

Lunch Communications was approached by Selmore to bring this idea to life, and launch Gander on the international stage. The brief aimed to attract international and local media attention in four markets: Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. In return, this would create intrigue and generate extensive word of mouth.