Biofeedback and eye-tracking – the emotional and cognitive experience in store

Rosario Stingo
Procter & Gamble, Italy

Francesco Gallucci
1to1lab, Italy


This paper provides key learnings of “Parentesi”, the project led by P&G Italy and “Acqua e Sapone”, the Italian drug specialist leader. The project aimed to design and to implement a new in store layout, leveraging on several in store retail mix variables, including categories layout, shelf layout and assortment and in store communication. The project assessment has been provided through two technologies able to track and evaluate emotional and cognitive experience in store: Biofeedback and Eye Tracking.


In Italy, drug specialists account for 12% of Beauty Care market value vs. 9% one year ago, growing 30% year vs. Year in an almost flat market, thus gaining share vs. Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. Their overall strategy is to provide exciting in store experience, close to perfumeries, with very good value for money, comparable to Hypermarkets which instead are purely and simply price oriented. Acqua e Sapone mission is “to provide a pleasurable feminine experience” without the pressure of close purchases usually felt in perfumeries.