B2B marketing: A more positive picture

Fran Brosan

The Capsicum Group's research report, featured in the January 2013 issue of Market Leader, painted a bleak picture of B2B marketing.

The accusation is that B2B marketers aren't close enough to customers, don't understand the businesses they work in and don't align their goals with those of the organisation. The overall premise is that this is holding B2B, and particularly the service sector, back.

Omobono's own research, conducted for the past two years with the Marketing Society among senior marketers from over 150 companies, paints a more positive picture.

  • Customer relationships are a top priority: We found that B2B marketers are extremely customer-centric. Building customer relationships is the most important objective, with 33% putting it as their top priority (Figure 1) and 78% citing it in their top 3.