Politics, platforms and brand management tips: Day Two of Measuring Advertising Performance 2014

Joseph Clift

Presenters on day two of Measuring Advertising Performance (MAP) 2014, an event organised by Warc and held in London in March 2014, discussed a wide range of topics impacting consumers and society, from the political world to implicit research techniques, and ad media from mobile to the classic direct marketing pack.

But there were several points of agreement that united many of the presentations for the day. In particular, the theme of reaching the connected consumer, the media-savvy digital natives who travel across screens to make their purchase decisions, remains a major preoccupation for brand owners, market researchers and agencies alike.

The political scene

Peter Kellner, president of YouGov, a British research firm, discussed the current British political scene. Generally, Britain is looking at changing times, with major events coming up: most prominently, the general election in May 2015. Kellner predicted upheaval - with the fringe UK Independence Party set to win the European elections - but also continuity, with the present Conservative-led government likely to overcome internal splits and retain power past 2015, though this is far from certain. Failure to gain a parliamentary majority might lead to disruption.