Marriage guidance: Reversing the downward spiral of client-agency relationships

Libby Child
Aprais UK

The pressures on client-agency relationships are well known and include the demands from procurement to drive down costs and fees, smaller marketing teams working with more and more agencies, and the drive for multiple agencies to deliver fully integrated campaigns within shorter lead times. Libby Child analyses the factors that can lead to dysfunctional relationships and offers practical solutions for agencies and marketers.

I see the impact of the pressures every day, having conducted over 200 client-agency evaluations in the past six months, as well as seeing the results of more than 10,000 team evaluations gathered over 12 years by Aprais internationally. These involved each team evaluating each other's performance, and also self evaluations – holding up a mirror to their own behaviours. The resulting information gives fascinating insights into the state of client-agency relationships.