Multi-screen media planning: The lure of Social TV

Kendra Hatcher King, Initiative Worldwide,
with Kris Magel, Matt Meeks, Initiative USA, and Onur Ibrahim, Initiative UK

Creating immersive, multi-platform social experiences enables brands, programme makers and viewers to get more out of the television medium.

Defiance: the US SyFy network will launch the combined TV/Massive Multi-Player Game programme in the second quarter of 2013

Historically, marketers have been trained to believe that the world begins and ends with television. Only TV can provide the scale and emotion needed to drive brand desire and, ultimately, sales. The allure of social media has been enticing, but not enough to knock TV off its throne, relegating social media to one-off marketing stunts and test-and-learn experiments. Emerging trends like Social TV, in which consumers organically combine social media with their TV viewership, have proven that social media has real benefit to marketers looking to create deeper engagement with their consumers. Coupling this with the growth of social media, now rivaling TV usage among many online users, it is crucial for agencies and clients alike to challenge their beliefs about the best use of both media.