American Industry Overview: Periodical Publishing and Printing

This category covers establishments primarily engaged in publishing periodicals or in publishing and printing periodicals. These establishments carry on the various operations necessary for issuing periodicals but may or may not perform their own printing.

Industry Snapshot

The first American magazines appeared in 1741 but, like many of their successors, were doomed to swift failure. This inauspicious start notwithstanding, the periodicals industry burgeoned steadily over the following 250 years. By 2008 the number of business and consumer magazines had grown to 20,290, according to the consumer magazine industry association Magazine Publishers of America.

Increasingly, magazines are stretching beyond the boundaries of the print format. The Internet is a medium that is used in conjunction with, or in some cases, as an alternate for, the print publication. Other magazines are attaching their title to products and services across industries, including television, radio, and restaurants.

Organization and Structure