Cesvi Onlus – The Condom Mob

Agency name: Now Available
Client name: Cesvi Onlus
Category: Event Marketing


45% of worldwide HIV infections affect young people aged between 15 and 24. In spite of this, in Italy only 17% of young adults use condoms to protect themselves (Anlaids data). Cesvi, a local NGO, asked the agency to create an event in order to make young people aware of the HIV menace through deep involvement and active engagement. Cesviamo, the first social network built by Cesvi to sustain fundraising among young people, has to be the key platform to support the activity.


Cesviamo (www.cesviamo.org) is an Italian social network created by Cesvi, a non-profit cooperation and development organisation of social utility. The basic idea of the network is very simple: you can make a bet involving all your friends in order to raise money for social issues.