Research and gaming: The game of research

Michael Chadwick, JWT Singapore with
Alessandro Canossa, IT University of Copenhagen

The world of gaming offers a suitable model for researching engaging journeys.

The notion of the 'customer journey' is an increasingly important one for marketers. There are more ways than ever to engage our target audiences - more channels, more technologies, more formats. But this is making it more important, and more difficult, to find effective ways of weaving these communications together, building campaigns that are coherent and greater than just the sum of their parts.

The customer journey is a useful framework for doing this tricky job, helping to orchestrate and optimise complex, multifaceted, transmedia campaigns. An understanding of the journey provides a logical backbone around which we can stitch a multitude of media and messages. And the creation of 'engaging journeys' is what advertising should be doing right now - constructing journeys which lead consumers through to an end destination that is beneficial for the brands we work on.