Explore Canada

Brooke Steinberg, Ilenia Natoli

Campaign Details

Brand: Destination Canada
Brand Owner: Destination Canada
Lead Agency: OMD
Contributing agencies: Accuen EMEA, The Church of London

Executive summary

With more than 6 million European travellers considering Canada as a future holiday destination, Destination Canada needed to shift Canada from a "might visit someday" to a "travel there next" holiday destination.

The "Explore Canada" campaign focused on creating and seeding truly authentic and interesting content through influencers, to really bring the sights, wonders and experiences of Canada to life.

Our strategy was to leverage data to align consumers with content catered to them, based on their individual interests and travel purchase behaviours.

Programmatic buying was leveraged throughout the campaign to seed our unbranded content at scale, delivering them in contextually relevant environments in real time. We used interconnected first-, second- and third-party data, plugging into 11 different data sources, from four platforms with 90 bespoke audience lists (over 400 individual targeting lines).