Tourism Australia: The Great Boomerang Throw


CLIENT • Tourism Australia

THE TEAM • Guy Bradbury, Scott Walker, Ric Hooley, Vix Jagger, Fiona McArthur, Sarah Lambert, Patricia Synephias.

WHAT IS WONDERFUL ABOUT THIS WORK? • We harnessed Facebook to offer young people a chance to win a working holiday by involving as many friends as possible: in their network, in their friend's, and so on. In just four weeks 19,272 took part, passing on up to 77 times, to over 40 countries. Fans soared from under 12,000 to over 38,410: more than 220% increase.

OBJECTIVES • Get as many UK 18 to 30-year-olds as possible talking about a working holiday in Australia. Increase fans of the Working Holiday Facebook page.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • We interviewed 18 to 30-year-olds to understand why Australia had dropped from the top of their gap year list. We discovered that new noise from closer destinations had brought competing messages into the gap year market. We had to do something that got our audience involved and tipped the scales. We found they were using social media to ask for advice on all sorts of subjects, including their gap year. We also discovered that the more friends they had on Facebook, the more kudos they gained. And finally, they like competing with their friends. It's all part of the new sharing generation.