Westpac Rescue Chopper Appeal

Category: Charity / Not for Profit
Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Westpac NZ


In an incredibly difficult environment for charities, perhaps the most challenging in recent history, the 2011 Chopper Appeal was stunningly successful - in fact the most successful for Westpac NZ ever. By developing a simple but compelling campaign platform around ‘second chances’ Colenso BBDO was able to connect with its audience in a new way.

At the heart of the campaign was the tucka tucka tucka sound of the rescue helicopter bringing hope to us all.

Marketing Challenge & Objectives

It has been challenging in the not-for-profit sector. When it comes to charity, there are a few core principles that dictate likelihood of donations.

Firstly, the propensity to donate is relative to the perception of one's own hardship. Simply put, if a person does not believe that they can spare the money, they are less likely to donate to charities.