T-Mobile Royal Wedding: Leveraging The Cultural Currency of the Moment

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Client: T-Mobile
Product: T-Mobile


T-Mobile's Life's for Sharing campaign had created big, iconic, emotionally-engaging moments of shared connections which drove brand buzz and ultimately, sales. The normal cycle of advertising Pay Monthly at the start of the year had been interrupted in 2011 whilst the news of the increased coverage from the merger of the Orange and T-Mobile networks was communicated. This was important to drive long term brand consideration.

Whilst there was still some press activity for various handsets (which was an ongoing activity), there was no 'big' Pay Monthly offers being communicated and after the network sharing message came off air, there was no significant brand noise to keep the brand front of mind. Amidst strong competitor activity, sales were beginning to fall. This was particularly significant in the first half of the year as getting Pay Monthly customers as early in the year as possible is imperative as payback takes most of the year.