A fresh look at our eyes - How innovation scenarios can harness research insights and further drive business impact

Germaine Gazano
LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics, France 

Christophe Rebours

InProcess, France


The innovation instinct

As with sport, music and cookery, an instinct for innovation needs to be supported by robust methods and daily practice with the right tools.

Dior and InProcess share similar beliefs regarding the value of user-centric approaches to innovation.

A shared culture of observation (anthropological, ethological) has enabled building a common language to be used at every stage of the projects we have worked on together. This culture paves a way for new approaches to creating value for brands and new business models for innovative companies.

Today, as we invite you for a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of an innovation project focusing on eye make-up, we are sharing our ‘recipes’ with you. These concern a new breed of methods that are based on a hybrid approach bringing together the world of research and the world of design. Even if the individual components of each method have already emerged as an alternative to traditional approaches, it is above all their combination, order and context that constitute an effective methodology. (See figure 1.)