Nike – NIKEiD iPhone App



When NIKEiD debuted, it was a completely new brand experience that let people customize Nike shoes and products. But the world soon caught up, with competitors pushing customization further, and NIKEiD wasn't the unique experience it once was. Nike tasked us with taking the NIKEiD design experience to the next level.

It began with comprehensive cross-cultural research on customizer artists from different fields and our core audience. We learned about the mindset of customizers, why they do it, and why they love it. Two big insights emerged: people who customize use their custom item as a reference point to a story that can become a way to socially connect with others; the second was that customization is fueled by inspiration. With our insights, we created a way for NIKEiD designers to capture inspiration and tap into the expansive NIKEiD community. The iPhone app allows designers to snap a photo wherever inspiration strikes, and then search countless NIKEiD shoes by color. They could also compare their own design with those of the entire NIKEiD community and show the world through social media sites, even before their custom shoes were on their feet. In the end, NIKEiD regained its stature as the world's best customization tool.