Travelers Insurance: Travelers One2One Direct Marketing System

Lexis Nexis Insurance Solutions


Category: Insurance
Country where program ran: United States
Date program started/ended: January to December 2009

Product Description: Travelers Insurance is a leading carrier for automobile and homeowners insurance marketed through independent insurance agents. To help busy agents compete in today's marketplace, an innovative online platform has been developed that enables agents to generate their own direct marketing campaigns right from their desktop without having to manage production

Advertiser/Client Name: Travelers Insurance
Media Channels: Direct Mail


Marketplace Challenge:

Travelers insurance relies heavily on the independent agent channel to sell its personal lines products. In a market where the growth in homes and cars will never provide double digit growth, agents are constantly faced with competitive pressures from direct writers and other insurance providers that want to get their current customers to switch. Conversely Travelers agents do not typically have their own marketing department or internal resources to develop and implement sales support and customer loyalty programs designed to organically grow their business or retain their current book of business. As part of Travelers commitment to help agents grow and to help them focus on what they do best a comprehensive online tool amply called "One2One" has been designed to bring the power of direct marketing to every agency large or small by offering a complete array of business building direct marketing applications for every critical business building application an agency faces, to keep them at the forefront of direct marketing best practices. Including the measurement of their campaign efforts at costs far below what individual agents could achieve on their own. The technological challenge faced and overcome was a way to utilize advanced web based technology to organize direct marketing initiatives intuitively and in an easy to use point and click manner that any novice to the system could walk through with a basic knowledge of standard e-commerce web flows. Understanding that not all agents are web or computer savvy, a series of contingency self-help and inbound call center support is readily available through online video demonstrations, email contact options, 800 number access, and an agency resource section with Q&A's tutorials and much more. In offering direct marketing functionality to agents, the customer/prospect challenge faced and overcome was the ability to provide enhanced prospect lists to agents with robust targeting capability using sophisticated selection criteria and modeling as well as to maximize sales efficiency by pre-identifying areas where recent quoting has been more favorable. In addition, the ability for agents to upload their own non-Travelers customer lists to take advantage of the direct marketing infrastructure was incorporated, including the launch of new bilingual Spanish applications for prospecting and cross selling.