War on drugs campaign

Louis Hagopian
N.W. Ayer

Some of you, especially newer members, may be a little hazy on just how the Four A's actually works. You know that we have a board of directors, for you just elected one. That board meets quarterly. The Operations Committee of six people within the board meets monthly. And each year, at one of the quarterly meetings, we have a two-day planning session. Most of the big ideas identified with the Four A's have come out of such meetings.

In one planning session very early in 1985, Phil Joanou, Chairman and CEO of Dailey & Associates on the Coast, broached the idea that this organization use its talents to do something about the drug problem in the United States. In a very passionate and convincing way, Phil cited the well-remembered anti-smoking commercials which followed the Surgeon General's Report on Lung Cancer, and the powerful effect they seemed to have on the American public. Something like that, he suggested, only better still and a lot more.