En Route International: Me, myself & my

Agency: 1HQ Brand Agency
Client: En Route International
Category: Packaging, Branded - Foods

Executive summary

En Route, a £12m sales and logistics company offering premium bakery products to the Travel Catering market, engaged 1HQ to create a brand that would create impact, communicate taste and quality, and offer a strong point of difference in the market.

A potential threat becomes a winning strategy

The economic downturn meant that airline clients were seeking continuous cost reductions and slashing catering budgets in all classes of travel.

In contrast to their major competitors in airline catering, En Route responded to the threat by re-thinking its proposition and aiming for growth, rather than retrenchment. A new strategy around the product offering identified an opportunity to move from selling individual products (intended to be added to meal trays) to providing added-value, ready-to-use snack solutions.