The Big Idea - What's In An Olin?

Stefan F. Blaschke

In a brilliant article on positioning in today's market place, a competitor of mine recently wrote, and I quote:

"One of the best executed programs around is the one for Olin. The ads are beautifully done. But what is Olin? What is their position? They haven't left me with anything. In fact, I'm a little confused. How about you?"

Today I hope to show you that not only are the ads indeed "beautifully done," but that we have succeeded with our target audience in describing Olin and its role in our economy.

First, let me tell you quite frankly that Olin suffers from a permanent identity crisis. The reasons for this are inherent in the growth and structure of the company:

  1. There is no major consumer product under the Olin name. You can't buy an Olin in any store of any kind.