Mind the gap – highlighting the differences between advertisers and consumers in the UK

Lena Roland

The overriding theme of Thinkbox’s TV Nation conference - which took place in London during May 2013 - was that members of the marketing, advertising and media industries are not as in touch with the typical UK consumer as they might like to think.

In demonstration of this, Thinkbox, the marketing body for commercial television in the country, presented the results of the latest wave of its TV Nation research, an annual study which tracks attitudes to advertising, brands and media, and explores how accurately marketers understand the motivations and behaviours of their current and potential customers.

Living in a “media bubble”? Perception versus reality

Generating in-depth insights about British consumers is fundamental to marketers, and as Tess Alps, executive chair of Thinkbox, put it, “as researchers, there is an obligation to know the facts”. But how much does the industry actually know? The statistics, presented by Neil Mortensen, Thinkbox’s research and planning director, and Jeremy Nye, its head of research, proved compelling.