Highland Spring: Purple Reign

Agency: 999 Design Group
Client: Highland Spring
Brand: Highland Spring
Category: Packaging: Branded drink

Executive summary

Highland Spring's packaging relaunch of spring 2012 has proved to be its most effective ever in terms of increase in retail sales, UK market & category growth and positive consumer brand appraisal. Not only did these successes help Highland Spring poll as Britain's favourite water, they led to the brand officially becoming the UK's No. 1 bottled water brand beating Evian and Volvic. An outstanding accomplishment - the first British water ever to reach this status.

Base value sales (non-promoted) jumped by almost £3M (+7.2% YOY), a very strong indicator of the health of the brand and even more remarkable given that the year before, Highland Spring's base sales were in decline within major multiples (not the whole retail market).