A blueprint for helping customer insight professionals drive business growth

Maryan Broadbent
AIA Insurance Group, Hong Kong
David Smith and Adam Riley
DVL Smith, UK


This paper was prompted by the arrival at AIA of a new Chief Customer Officer keen to ensure that the organisation had in place a blueprint to guarantee that its customer insight capabilities were fit to purpose and would enable AIA, the largest Pan-Asian life insurance group, to truly listen to the voice of customers around the world.

It has been over 50 years since Marshall McLuhan, the Canadian visionary, first articulated the phrase 'Global Village'. Over this period, the debate about the role of 'globalism' in the context of the tenacity of 'localism' has continued, including considerable contributions being made by the market research industry. Today, this continues to be a fascinatingly complex issue. Just what frameworks do we have in place to make sense of Asian professionals who now consider themselves to be citizens of the world, crave a Rolex watch or an Aston Martin DB9, drink Smirnoff, but who may still consider an arranged marriage or seek permission from their parents before travelling abroad? The way powerful global forces interact with embedded local tradition remains an intriguing challenge.