Trendwatch: Reactivated social media campaigns

Henry Mason

Capturing the attention of consumers online is hard enough. But once you have it, how do you turn attention into action? How can brands turn social media engagement – the endless stream of likes', tweets and Pins – into something more meaningful? It's a question that is (and should be) waking up marketing professionals at 3am.

These professionals could now take a lesson from recent campaigns from non-profit organisations such as Civil Rights Defenders and Unicef. For non-profits, the challenge of turning digital engagement into action is just as real: they call it turning 'slacktivism' into activism. They are turning the tables with bold, thought-provoking 'Reactivated' social media campaigns that push consumers to act. At heart, Reactivated campaigns are about cutting through the social media white noise to remind consumers about the world beyond their screens – and their place within that world.