Huggies: Dad's pregnant too

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Buenos Aires
Advertiser: Kimberly-Clark
Brand: Huggies
Country: Argentina


- Generate massive talkability around Huggies Diapers and improve the brand image, especially amongst young couples.

- Increase sales and regain leadership of the new born segment of the market, which has generates the highest brand loyalty.

– Reactivate the digital platform "Escuela para Padres Huggies", increasing the traffic to the site


The communication of the idea - a belt that enabled fathers to feel the kicks of their unborn baby as if it was in their own bellies - was divided in two parts.

The first one is the experience of the belt itself, designed as a promo for young pregnant couples. This is how we engaged directly a portion of the target: future dad's of pregnant couples, and how they felt their baby in their own bellies for the first time.