One measurement to rule them all: How Pandora and other companies are attracting media buyers by creating a transparent audience

Triton Digital

Business Issue or Marketing Dilemma?

The competition for attention from advertisers is fierce between all media, including terrestrial radio, streaming, print and mobile. As a result, it is increasingly important for media companies to provide comprehensive and granular data in order to demystify their audience for potential advertisers. While there are a number of hurdles to reliable cross-platform audience measurement – from new technologies to global market conditions – standardizing the way we gather data enables broadcasters to better monetize their content by providing consistent and accurate audience numbers that advertisers can understand and rely on when making business decisions in real-time.


Companies like Pandora are using the latest measurement solutions to obtain precise and accurate audience data, providing added value for advertisers. Audience metrics are a key consideration in driving business decisions for advertisers of all sizes. Accurate and consistent measurement enables media companies to better monetize their content by clearly defining their audience, and advertisers are able to compare and rely on audience data when targeting their ads. For all its importance, however, the way in which audiences are currently measured is still shrouded by confusion and inconsistency. This is partially due to platforms, technologies and market conditions that are constantly in flux, making it difficult to create and maintain one standard measurement system. Despite the ever-changing measurement landscape, these fluctuations also open the doors to new techniques capable of providing more accurate and consistent audience metrics for media companies.