University of Minnesota – Driven to Discover

Category: Government, Institutional & Recruitment
Client: University of Minnesota – University Relations
Primary Agency: OLSON


The University of Minnesota is a large, land-grant university with a proud heritage, but for many Minnesotans it is seen as a diploma-cranking machine and bureaucratic behemoth, not a place where truly world-changing research is conducted everyday.

The University of Minnesota has a long-standing history of research innovation, but the Minnesota public lacks understanding of what a research university does and its importance in their lives. Without that understanding, the public is not inclined to support the U of M's very aggressive goal to become one of the Top Three Public Research Universities in the world. More than a campaign, the U of M needed a movement – one that clarified the mission to become one of the world's Top Three Public Research Universities, and that engaged a disenfranchised general public in its cause. Enter “Driven to Discover” – a holistic, first-of-its-kind marketing initiative where one only needs his or her greatest question to get involved.