East and West Europe: Uncovering the perceptions, attitudes and behaviours of Europeans towards digital media

Fernando Alonso-Cortés Rodríguez

Digital technology and the online environment have altered consumer behaviour - including the way people interact with and shop for brands. However, these changes are happening at different rates in diverse regions. Even within Europe, it is all too easy for marketers to fall victim to lazy pan-continental targeting.

Yet the behavioural habits of digitally-enabled consumers differ widely, with notable disparities between East and West European markets, and these characteristics are often rooted in political, cultural and socio-economic history. Many brands in Western European regions have been household names for over a century and have become entwined in the cultural pasts of countries. By contrast, brand culture is much less established in Russia, Romania and other former Soviet bloc markets which have only really opened up for international brands in the decades since the end of the Soviet Union.