Mitre 10 (NZ): Making DIY easy as

Campaign details

Category: Retail/etail
Agency: DraftFCB New Zealand
Client: Mitre 10 (NZ) Ltd


Arch rivals Mitre 10 and Bunnings were locked in such a fierce price battle that consumers were starting to see the brands as interchangeable. DraftFCB realised they needed to change the strategy if they were to win the price perception war.

And with research showing that only 16% of DIY customers were motivated by price, it was clear the obsession with price promotion meant a bigger consumer need was being ignored.

The innovative 'Making DIY Easy As' campaign not only smashed sales targets, it also shifted Mitre 10 from being a retailer that just sold stuff to one that gave their customers the satisfaction of a DIY project well done.

Key Learnings

Many Kiwis aspired to be practical DIYers, but they were reluctant to admit that they didn't have the same level of DIY skills as their parents. This lack of confidence was a major barrier to even starting a DIY project, let alone buying the necessary tools and equipment.