Sprint Nextel Corporation: Sprint Pcs campaign

Kevin Teague


NOTE: Since the time of this campaign's launch, the Sprint Corporation merged with Nextel to become Sprint Nextel. The essay refers to the company's former name, as that was the official name of the organization when the campaign was launched.

During 2002 competition between wireless-telecommunication providers grew so fierce that the top four were spending $1.5 billion on media outlays, a leap above the $435 million spent in 1999. With more subscribers than AT&T Wireless Services, Inc., Cingular Wireless LLC, or the Sprint PCS Group, Cellco Partnership's Verizon Wireless spent more on advertising than any other American brand. Analysts feared that the industry's competitive pricing and excessive advertising would cripple profitability. Hoping to remain the fourth-largest provider, Sprint PCS retrofitted its network with high-speed data capabilities in 2002 and heralded their improved network with a campaign titled "Sprint PCS Campaign."