Holistic use of research into online skincare brands in Japan

Hiroto Fukuda and Ranga Somanathan

Once upon a time, a very wise social scientist prophesied that the communication world would become just like a 'small village' – where people could talk, share and learn from each other through a much easier and faster communication platform. In such a world, the power of conventional mass media would totally change, since those people might not need such media as much for information about the people, places and products that interested them. What this scientist predicted now seems to be coming to pass. The world is now more tightly connected then ever via digital communications. If one person makes a comment from their home country on a website, blog, email or instant messaging site, that message can travel globally and anyone can see it in a minute. This is evidenced by the multitude of personal blogs accessed by millions of people every day on topics ranging from washing detergent to cars and airlines. They are free to talk to each other, or have a choice not to. All the decisions are made by people, not mass media.