American Industry Overview: Canned Fruits, Vegetables, Preserves, Jams, and Jellies

This industry includes establishments primarily engaged in canning fruits, vegetables, and fruit and vegetable juices; and in manufacturing ketchup and similar tomato sauces, or natural and imitation preserves, jams, and jellies.

Industry Snapshot

According to Chicago-based Information Resources Inc., $1.7 billion worth of canned and bottled fruit was sold in the United States in 2009, whereas canned and bottled vegetable sales totaled $2.4 billion. Earlier in the decade, it was estimated that the food processing industry, including canned fruits and vegetables, accounted for nearly 13 percent of the value of goods produced each year. In the fruit and vegetable segment, that translated to about 7 billion pounds of canned products. Despite the numbers, the overall market continued its relative decline in favor of fresh and frozen products in the early 2010s.