Ball Park: Reinventing An Iconic Brand

Category: Packaged Food
Brand/Client: Ball Park
Lead Agencies: Publicis Seattle, Starcom MediaVest Group

State of the brand's business

How The Mighty Have Fallen

Ball Park was at a pivotal stage in its lifecycle facing the most daunting environment in the brand's history. The entire hot dog category was down. The proliferation of convenient food options had consumers' heads spinning. The pressures of a more health conscious consumer were being amplified by the industry's stigmas of mystery meat and pink slime. The price of meat had reached a 10 year high at a time when consumer demand for cheaper alternatives was driving an already fragile economy.

And Ball Park the brand, a once mighty and institutional name, was in the midst of multi-year declines in volume and share. Outspent nearly 5 to 1 (Source: Nielsen), they had lost their leadership position to Oscar Mayer and were now being chased by the likes of niche players (Hebrew National, Nathans) and private label brands. They were flailing with advertising that was invisible and a brand point of view that was ineffective and unmotivating. So ineffective that the brand hadn't advertised in almost two years with the occasional one-off insertion. To say that Ball Park had lost its core relevancy would be an understatement.