Tata Sky: Value to the Undervalued

Priti Murthy, Kartik Sharma and Saif Shaikh

Campaign details

Brand owner: Tata Sky
Agency: Maxus
Brand: Tata Sky
Country: India
Industry: TV channels, services, programmes
Media budget (USD): $1 - $3 million
Channels used: Television

Executive summary

This research-led case study by Maxus, the media buying group, for Tata Sky, the Indian broadcaster, looks at a methodology to place TV advertising in breaks within often-under-valued genres of programming on Indian television. It compared the cost of delivering gross rating points (GRPs) in different genres of Indian TV channels, such as general entertainment and infotainment, to model the optimal TV media buy to deliver cost-effective ratings and sales. It includes a discussion of the results of this research.

Campaign background

Currently, planning models are used to maximize GRPs to awareness, but we don't have any mechanism that relates genre wise GRPs to sales. Hence, we created a proprietary model that identifies 'Undervalued Genres' that helps us in choosing the right genres that have an ability to generate sales.