Mind over Metrics: Catching Lightning in a Bottle

Pat LaPointe

Marketing NPV

What do these great marketing breakthroughs have in common?

  • “Priceless” (MasterCard)
  • The Energizer Bunny
  • “Got Milk?” (California Milk Processor Board)
  • Absolut ________

All truly were “breakthrough ideas.” All were “viral” advertising campaigns, even before there was such a term.

They all were much more than campaigns, however; they were positioning strategies that effectively cemented their brands into the top echelon of their respective categories. Moreover, they were marketing platforms that have lasted for many years and evolved to adapt effectively in dynamic environments.

Recognizing the merits of all of the above, however, of all the marketing jargon that has penetrated our brains, I think the concept of the “breakthrough idea” may be one of the most dangerous.