O2 Star Trader

Blue Chip Marketing


Star Trader is a real first for O2. Not only that, but it's a breakthrough for the mass distribution (free sim) market as a whole.

A deep dive into O2's Pay & Go base uncovered a unique group of O2 customers. Small yet powerful, these customers were not only ordering an unusually high number of free sims, but were activating them at impressively unprecedented rates. Without realising it, these customers were acting as a mini sales force, acquiring new customers more cost-effectively than any other channel could.

O2 needed to preserve and grow this highly profitable segment. A pioneering solution was needed. An industry first. A brand-new spin on O2's established distribution model that would nurture these behaviours.

And so www.o2startrader.co.uk was born. A 100% self-service online portal created especially for O2's 'Star Traders'.