Can Consumers Tell You What They Want?

Richard Woods

It has become a truism that consumers cannot tell you what they want new products to launch or what new positioning to use for your brand.  Consumers can be used to build the big idea and spot the market opportunity.  It is not about asking the right questions, it is about giving the consumers the right experiences.

One imagines that a focus group [or group discussion] would very likely have turned down the Great Pyramid (impractical), Beethovens late quartets (too difficult) and Picassos Guernica (too inflammatory). The Egyptians, Beethoven and Picasso were all prepared to think the unthinkable. Thats the nature of creativity and we are all very grateful they were so pig-headedly unreasonable. Alas, we live in a culture that encourages feeble-minded political correctness supported by bogus research.