Old is gold: Marketing to seniors in India

Kartikeya Kompella

'You may think that I'm over the hill,' remarked the COO of a large MNC while addressing a bunch of trainees. 'But I assure you, I own the hill.' Such is the preoccupation of marketers with the burgeoning youth market in India that a sizeable and possibly profitable opportunity that seniors offer has gone largely unnoticed. There are a lot of wealthy seniors (over 60 years old) today with a better per capita income than the youth but no one sees them as a worthy market despite little competition for this audience.

There are four reasons why marketers have not really looked at this opportunity:

  1. The obsession with youth: The size of the opportunity with youth is undeniable. Even more compelling are the amount of media reports on the size of the youth market which makes it blasphemous to look elsewhere.