TV sponsorship measurement

Kristin Blondé, Tim Van Doorslaee, Sofie Rutgeerts
Patrick De Pelsmacker
University of Antwerp

A Belgian study of TV sponsorship found that association with premium TV talent shows can result in high increases in brand awareness and activation.

Sponsoring TV formats is often triggered by a belief in this kind of advertising. Advertisers who opt for sponsorship are inherently convinced by the power of sponsoring, without yet being presented facts and figures that confirm or disconfirm their belief. Today, gut feeling is often challenged by people who ask for justification. Especially since financial and economic crises follow one after the other, and people look for the safety and security that is often provided by 'facts and figures'. This study is an answer to the need for justification, by measuring the effectiveness of sponsorship. Another consequence of the belief in sponsorship, next to the need for justification, is the growing interest in understanding the effects of sponsorship. Sponsoring TV programmes is motivated by the hypothesis that (favourable) characteristics of the TV programme are transferred to the brand image of the advertiser, so fostering a positive effect of the TV context on the brand, i.e. sponsor.