Understanding the online grocery shopper

Stephen Whiteside

Encouraging more consumers to buy grocery products online will require the development of simple, seamless experiences from browsing and buying items on a smartphone to taking delivery of them at the doorstep.

All topped off with a ripe, delicious strawberry.

"If you deliver a perfect strawberry, you've got a customer for a long, long time. Or at least until the next strawberry comes in," Tim Dorgan, vice president/managing director at Peapod, the online grocery service, told delegates at the IRI Summit 2014, held in Kissimmee, Florida.

"You've got to maintain product quality. All it takes is one bad banana, quite frankly, to get somebody to say, 'Oh, I'll go back to the store.' And when they go back to the store, you've lost a customer," he continued. "Bananas are important, but strawberries seem to be a differentiator."