IJMR Young Research Writer award 2012 Finalist: Using mobile devices to access the realities of youth: How identification with society influences political engagement

Martin Smith

Firefish Ltd (UK)

Judges’ citation

The judges commended the author on a passionate, thoughtful and elegant piece of writing, discussing the pros and cons of the method described in the paper. Despite the small-scale sample, the judges felt that this pilot study provides readers with interesting food for thought on using mobile technology for ethnographic-based research.



This paper is a demonstration of a methodological innovation around mobile technology that I believe has the potential to access the realities of people in a way that many other methodologies do not. While a recent invention within the world of research, I believe that its full potential has yet to be realised and have set out below what I believe to be an exemplary manifestation of its key benefits. This example takes the form of a socio-political demonstration, but hopefully goes to show that other areas of research – consumer, ethnographic and even product testing, to name a few – can reap the rewards on offer here.