Unilever – Solo Open Kitchen

Agency name: ENGAGE BBDO
Client name: Unilever
Category: Loyalty & Long-term Umbrella Campaigns



  • Solo is a local Belgian cooking margarine by Unilever.

  • Market of cooking margarines shows steadily decreasing volumes year after year.

  • Solo loses more than the market (average sales decrease of 8% per year) over 10 years.

  • Healthy products gain market share (competitors are : Alpro (soya), Becel (healthy low fat margarine), Bertolli (olive oils)

  • Solo took a lot of initiatives during those 10 years: TV campaigns, an own cooking magazine (Kreatieve Keuken), promotions, … nothing helped.

  • Decline Market Share Value of 10pts over period 1995-2006: from 25% to 15%