COI/Department of Health

Carlson Marketing


Piggy Lines, Nigel Holmes, David Kerrigan, Danielle Tillett, Andy Gorton, Annlouise Cawley, Robert Wadman, Roy Barker, Jenny Haselden, Claire Morris.


How do you talk to parents with kids at most risk of obesity when they're probably the cause? The key measure was questionnaire completion, for which we achieved 153% of the target.


To achieve 8,500 completed 'How are the kids?' questionnaires, provide information on eight behavioural changes and help personalise the issue to the target audience.


We know that if we do nothing, 9 out of 10 kids today will be at risk of obesity by 2050, costing the NHS £50 billion. We had to create activity that would reach families most at risk and raise the issues surrounding obesity without offending. Our task was to get at-risk families to complete a questionnaire about their children's health, to kick off entry to the Change4Life CRM programme. We selected venues to match the different needs of audiences and ensure we met the right people in the right places, at the right time. A face to face approach allowed us to tackle this sensitive issue in a helpful, non-judgemental way, but stopping shoppers with kids in tow is difficult. So we built stands and activities that appealed to children. Once they dragged mum over, she got a personalised, simple demonstration. While she filled in the questionnaire, kids were entertained with targeted activities.