Introducing 'Quintegrated' research: Leveraging the power of qualitative and quantitative research integration

Kristin Hickey
Ruby Cha Cha


Market research has traditionally been split into silos of qualitative and quantitative research, with these streams emerging from two very distinct disciplines. This divergence is particularly noticeable in larger and more progressive markets such as the UK and Europe, where increased specialisation has facilitated this separation of skills and has left the poor insights buyer with the unenviable task of piecing these disparate insight banks together.

This landscape of the market research industry, however, is changing rapidly. The market is more competitive and clients too time-poor to pull two 'languages' into a single insights story. Furthermore, the landscape of research tools and respondent interactions (both consumer and B2B) is changing, fuelled by new media, technological advances and the demand for faster, shorter, more instantaneous information. These changes place new demands for smart research talent — talent that is bilingual, creative and dynamic in their approach to client challenges and can design and apply new research approaches in online settings.