Global Industry Overview: Personnel Services

Personnel services link job seekers with employers under various arrangements. By far the most common form is through temporary staffing, wherein the employee is paid by the personnel service to work temporarily for another firm needing assistance. Other types of personnel services include employment agencies, which seek to place job seekers in permanent positions, and recruitment agencies, which also contract to fill permanent positions, but typically perform more screening – and sometimes searching – to find employment candidates who meet certain criteria.

Industry Snapshot

The American Staffing Association's annual economic analysis for 2009 had an overall positive outlook projecting more "growth" for the future. Staffing industry changes were believed to be reflective of the overall economy. Thus, as the Association pointed out, it was considered to be "a coincident economic indicator and a leading employment indicator." Although economic conditions were volatile, future projections still called for better than average industry expansion. This was excellent news for staffing, which constantly continued to be a major part of the employment services industry.